our tv screens have been graced with political leaders at their worst.leaving nothing to be proud of.Do they really know leadership is not a just a title?

This is a wake up call for us to nurture the culture of integrity from a tender age for the well being of this country .I believe demos will not solve anything instead sitting down and solving issues amicably as their names honorables.Not finding a solution and continued demos is smoke waiting for fire during the general elections.
I have realised that a lot of time is wasted on unnecessary ‘battles’.This time should be spent reading books on leadership as they work on projects that bring about development.If that were the case Kenya would be a developed country as its riches would not be wasted.
It is often said that a leader should be a reader .How many leaders do we have ?Do we have self -less people to take Kenya to the next level?
My prayer everyday is for all Kenyans to unite inspite of tribe, religion,social status and so on.Let us give deaf ears to inciters look at there score cards and answer them with our votes because actions speak louder than words.

By Rose Maina.



At times a similar or same exact thing may happen CnbbeeE005002_20151009_NBMFN0A002_11nto you many times as we travel in this journey called life. One might fall in love in a similar way and end up hurt and disappointed swearing never to fall in love only to find themselves in love again cursing, not again!

We all have not again moments at some point in life. This was my not again moment that was brought about by nostalgia.

One Monday, 4th April 2016, was a calm day with no sign of heavy rains. I opened the shop as usual, did the necessary chores and sat down planning my schedule for the next 2 weeks. In the afternoon, I went out to do a bit or marketing, coming back at 4:00p.m it seemed too early to go home so I went back to the field with an aim of coming back at around 5:00pm. At around 4:20pm I noticed that the sky was full of dark clouds that made it seem like it was 7:00pm. I ran back to the shop to take shelter with my sister until the rain stops. We were geared up for heavy rains only for the dark clouds to move to another area little did we know it was home. The rains were normal and when it died down we prepared to leave for home. As we were leaving, we thought of boarding a taxi but aborted that thought and board a matatu.

At the stage, everything looked clear little did we know that a few kilometers from there we will be crossing a ‘running river’. It still drizzled, as it became darker. Our first encounter was a path of water but we managed due to the visible rocks. On our way we met a boda boda carrying three passengers we laughed,  having no idea what was in store for us. Walking deeper into the lane, the mass of water was bigger as the speed increased. It got to a point where we were stuck not knowing what to do. In our dilemma, a lorry followed by other vehicles could be seen in a short distance. At last! Help was on the way.

It was disappointing, none bothered to stop or even find out what was happening, passing us as if we were statues. We tried countless times to cross but it was all in vain the pressure was so much making us fearful. Stranded in the cold trying to find a solution, a woman walked by and as she tired to assist us cross, a man came and held our hands and told us to move slowly without raising our legs or letting go. There is nothing so traumatizing as knowing that home is so near but you cannot reach.

As we moved through the water I could feel the pressure and instantly images of my very first encounter with Elnino flashed through my mind. That was my not again moment. I remembered the trauma I went through in the first incident that happened 15 years ago. I saw myself trip and fall in the water. My heart was beating like the tum tum drums of West Africa.

I shut my eyes for one second focusing ahead to reach home. After passing the large mass of water was a ditch with water flowing with high pressure. I shook like a leaf making it an exorbitant task to jump over the ditch. The only thing that kept me going was the determination to reach home it was stronger than the water, the flashing images and the shaking. We finally managed to reach home; all we did was look back and thank God. It was like De Jar Vu, freezing and clothes dripping water. Same script but one different cast.

I swore never to ignore the still small voice; if I did I would not have gone through such trauma.

By Rose Maina



It is yet again that time of the year that many women look forward to and most men dread, Valentine’s Day. This day has been materialized. Those in the flower industry make their kill on this day. This is a day that women expect to be treated special by being bought extravagant gifts and a bouquet of flowers. Expectations for extravagant gifts are what push men to the wall knowing that after the day their pockets are dry because they cannot cut their coat according to their cloth as they want to impress the girl. But is all that really necessary? Why does one have to run their pockets dry to show how much you value a person just for one day? Why does it have to be women expecting gifts and not men? Don’t the men deserve appreciation even if they have not been all good? So many questions that few think about.

Valentine’s Day is a day for showing love and appreciation to the one you love. Appreciation can be shown in many ways, who said that one should get extravagant gifts or flowers? There is one thing that many of us never seem to understand. He may shower you with gifts, flowers only for the next day to disappear with another woman with the pretext of a ‘business trip’ what are the gifts and flowers for? Yap: a blind fold for you not to doubt him. It is better for someone to do something simple that is from the heart than something extravagant that is only for show off. Don’t get me wrong, if you have the cash and truly love her, shower her with all the gifts and flowers in the world but if you cannot, find something simple don’t leave your pockets dry.

It is so amazing how this one day is full of make-ups as well as break-ups not leaving behind hook-ups. If you do not do anything for your gal on this day whether simple or extravagant then it is a huge deal that can lead into a big fight and at times a break-up. At times we gals do not expect too much but, the kinds of lifestyle guys portray around us make our expectation to be high. It is good to be yourself, do not portray a life you cannot afford. Never go out of your way by borrowing money from your friends or borrowing a car claiming that it is yours just to impress a gal. come Valentine’s Day she will be expecting something fancy and flashy and has bragged to her girlfriends the extravagant gifts she is expecting from her ‘rich boyfriend’ this Valentines. If you do not give her what she expects, she will be mad at you and will not want to hear anything coz you have shown her fancy cars that you borrow from friends, lunch and dinner in extravagant hotels what more can you explain? None! That is a lesson to guys, be yourself.

Gals a challenge to us we should not always expect to be showered with gifts. Let us also give gifts or do something special for the guys. They also need someone to show them love and appreciation. Buy him a gift or a card or simply make one this Valentine’s Day, just go out of the norm.

Guys don’t dry your pockets, do something simple that you can afford. You can cook a simple meal for her, take her for a picnic, just do something exciting together, make a card for her, write a poem for her you never know simple but special may just make this Valentine’s day memorable. But if you are loaded, go ahead get her, her favorite things, buy her flowers, take her to dinner in a lavish restaurant, make her wish come true. Do all that if it is not blindfolding and is truly from your heart.

By: Rose Maina

Election time again


As we all know politics is a dirty game and also the root of all evil because most politicians are money oriented. Yes money gets into their heads that service to the people and the nation is thrown in the dustbin. Citizens of Kenya should acknowledge that when two bulls fight it is the grass that gets hurt.

If we heed to that by, moving away leaving the bulls to fight and finish their battles without allowing them to incite us then war will never occur. It is no use to vote for someone because of tribe, religion or how popular they are, choose them because of their qualities as leaders. We should never allow ourselves to be bribed with small campaign money as blackmail for votes or instigating violence. Of what use is it to kill your neighbor who has been loyal and helpful for years and receive a few shillings? Before doing anything drastic think twice, do not just follow politicians blindly they are like chameleons always changing positions. Today they are in support of the government, tomorrow they are in opposition then next time they are on their own with their own ideologies according to how the game of politics is.

For many years countries that go to war do so due to the politics of the land, it may be tribalism, religion and so on. For example in 1994, Rwanda genocide was caused by tribalism when the Hutus turned on the Tutsis and killing them after a directive by some Hutu leaders. This is not new to us as it was the same thing that happened in Kenya during the 2007-2008 post-election violence where people lost their lives and many displaced from their homes. It also caused everything to come to a standstill as business cannot be conducted in the atmosphere of unrest. This took the economy to drop. But the violence did not manifest into something big like Rwanda. In Rwanda, it was horrible as many people lost their lives through merciless killings. This is not difficult it is as easy as ABCD… we need to think twice when the deal is too good.

As we approach the elections, we should be very cautious of who we listen to and what they are saying. We should not vote for a leader because of tribe or fame. Choose a leader by their leadership qualities i.e. what they have done in their areas of work. We should also ‘put ear plugs’ for those who incite us keeping in mind that a tongue is a small organ but can cause a civil war.

By Rose Maina

work work and no ‘play ‘makes jack a dull boy.

After the KCPE results were out it was jubilation for those that became top in the country.leaving the uncelebrated talented individuals behind.Not everyone excels in academics,why not appreciate that dancer,athelete,artist and pianist?
The education system needs to change.This norm of raising individuals for white collar jobs should stop,few are absorbed leaving out the majority thus raising the level of unemployment
Each year we have graduates who after a long period of job hunting ,end up doing any job they find to earn a living their papers and skills learnt to go to waste.The only way to deal with this situation is to take the bull by the horn.
Education is the key to success but goes hand in hand with nuturing talents aend abilities.We have to understand that not everyone is book orientedm.There is that pupil who gets zero in class but wows a crowd by their piano skills.Talents should be nurtured and guidance given for one to be able to earn a living from their talent.Most of the people that excel in life were not necessarily good in school work.Children should not be pressured to perform well if they do not have the potential to excel in school work,concentrate on their strengths.
Let a new system that embraces talent be introduced.Music can be re-introduced and also art and craft but also move them to higher levels for those talented helping them acquire skills that make them excel.Writing is also another area,identifying young writers and enabling them to aquire necessary skills,if this was done earlier many writers would not have to struggle much.There are also people who are creative,they come up with cartoons, images and jokes that crack your ribs everytime a story hits the headlines.That is also talent that needs to be nurtured.There are many other areas that need to be considered.
If nothing is done about it then crime rates will increase,street beggars,idlers and also con-artists.let us all join to change this system for the sake of a better future for the coming generations.

By: Rose Maina

The cost of development

Is Kenya ready for it? That is no longer the question because it is here with us. Plans are underway, evictions and compensations have been done to some of the affected persons. But one question lingers in our minds must people be evicted every time the government wants to enhance development?

Many may not bother until they are touched. It is not about the money but the bond and the attachment one has towards their land and only home they know.

Imagine this waking up one morning only to receive a letter that you will have to move because the railway is passing through your home. This is not just a home you have invested so much to make it what it is now only to be told to move.

All the other areas that the route is said to be passing through did not object thus they have been compensated and moved. There is this particular area known as Karen_end. This is ancestral land passed on from many generations. The people of this area bury their loved ones on their land. They know not of any other home. Some have even built villas which have cost them billions. Moving them would mean a hefty compensation or no moving.

Karen_end is an area between Karen and Dagoretti. If the SGR passes through this area then it will become extinct. This is mainly because of the railway, the pipeline and the upcoming road. The railway should be as far as possible from the pipeline to prevent outbreak of fires. This means a huge part will be needed leaving a few people. The few will not also stay because the road will pass making Karen_end extinct.

It is not yet confirmed if indeed they will lose their ancestral land to SGR. Whatever route it takes we ask one question until when will the government stop moving people from their homes each time there is a development project?

By Rose Maina

21st century kid 2



The kids of nowadays are exposed to so much, you wonder where to start shielding for them not to go astray. It should be a ritual to always pray or our kids and dedicating their lives to God. Yes but, He helps those who help themselves. We should be careful with what kind of an environment we raise our kids in.

I was out helping a friend house hunt. We came to a beautiful and secure neighborhood yes the houses were spacious and breathe taking. It was the ideal place to move into. When the deal is too good to think twice.

The place was a bit high priced but it was worth it. My friend was trying to bargain from Kshs. 45K to something a bit manageable.

As the landlady told us about how secure the neighborhood is, because of her dogs, real mbwa kali, not just a name. She gave us an ordeal of how one of her dogs escaped and attacked a child removing his intestines as a defense mechanism. The boy is now well and out of hospital but she had to foot the bill that is a story for another day. The new neighbors who move in have to walk around the dogs with the owner to get to know them and for them to familiarize themselves with your scent.

It was so quiet and we wondered how the people in this neighborhood live with peace and quiet we marveled. Just then a crazy neighbor drove in along with her kids. The rest got in and she came by to say hi. Wow! Warmth, loving neighbor!! What an impression this must be it a good serene neighborhood. She got all crazy asking us if we are ‘Leos’ (Lesbians) What! That was just the tip of the iceberg.

She started singing dancing, opened her bag showing us a pack of wine and now all she spoke was trash. She was so vulgar. On second thought bad environment for bringing up children. Picture this you have small children of about the age of 4 and 6 years. They are always flocking in such a person’s house, mind you being girls makes it worse. It’s full of boys a drunk woman who never cares of what comes out of her mouth.

The kids will follow suite because you may not be around to see behavior change. They will be with the house manager. It will be a sad tale of good kids gone bad just because of the neighborhood.

About the neighborhood for our friend it is a no go zone. Wise choice, prevention is better than cure.

By Rose Maina